The Boeing 787-9 takeoff Video

The Boeing 787-9 takeoff Video

The Boeing 787-9 takeoff Video

The Boeing 787 model first flew in 2009. It was then taken as the replacement of Boeing 747. The Boeing 747 aircraft was one of the most popular aircraft that made revolution in aircraft industry. The aircraft Being 747 needed a replacement so everyone was expecting that Boeing 787 was the right model.
Boeing 787 is capable of creating the longer flights non stop. It can be taken as the next step in the super long distance air travel. The aircraft is capable to make 20-hour non stop flight.

The good news about the Boeing 787-9 lovers is, the aircraft made the debut in the Franborough air show this year. You can see the video below to see what happened in the Boeing 787-9 takeoff in the Franorough air show.

The aircraft is capable of carrying 280 passengers which is 40+ more passengers than that of Boeing 787-800.


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